Emotional Vulnerability – BIOLA – March 6, 2018

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Emotional Vulnerability

ZION Floor Event

March 6, 2018


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  • A little about myself
    • M.A. M.A. , Biola RD, Family
  • Why is it hard to open up and to be vulnerable?
    • How does our ability to open to ourselves impact our ability to open to others?
    • Maybe we hide from others because we are hiding from ourselves?
    • Maybe we have never been shown how to be close to another?
    • Maybe others have made closeness feel uncomfortable so we avoid it in general?
  • It has to opening up and vulnerability have to do with closeness and shame and worth
  • Self/Emotional awareness
  • What is the purpose of emotions?
    • Some of it just has to do with the ways our bodies were created.  They are survival mechanisms at some level.  Anxiety, fear, anger, sadness (etc.) are critical to humanity being able to survive.
    • Sometimes they can become unhelpful (ex. anxiety finding threats (or being hyper-vigilant for them) where there aren’t any)
    • They also are the bedrock of human relationships
      • Attachment Theory
      • Attunement
      • Empathy
      • Intimacy

Focus and Feel Exercise

  • Where do our templates for closeness and emotions come from?
  • How are we influenced by our families, communities, friends, churches, society, etc?
  • How can we be nonjudgmental/compassionate/accepting of our emotions or internal experience?
    • Why are we hesitant to be accepting of what goes on inside of us?
  • Why is it that we don’t like to acknowledge them to ourselves or to others?
    • We spend a lot of psychological energy holding things down, out of our awareness, this works well to some degree…but its exhausting…things usually burst out anyway…or it begins to leak out in other forms like depression/anxiety
    • Sometimes we might be afraid that a fear will be confirmed
  • What does society tell men about how our emotions should look, traditionally or your generation?
    • Unemotional
  • What is the cost of not acknowledging or responding to them?
  • How can we take small steps?
    • Build emotional vocabulary (not just of words but of sensations as well)
    • Check in with yourself throughout the day or at the end
    • Develop relationships that include authenticate discussion with some regularity
    • Be curious about yourself and your experience


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